Customers of EEFA Tile
Thank you very much for your selection. EEFA ceram welcomes your opinions in order to provide higher quality and more favorite services. Please answer the questions below and help us provide better services and products.

  1. Please how you find the following qualities?
    1.Suitable price
    2.Size quality
    3.Design quality
    4.Color variety
    5.Enamel quality
    6.Printing quality
    7.Quality of calibrated products
    8.Quality of strength
    9.Quality of cooling products 3
    10.Products setting
    11.Packaging quality
    12.Information quality
    13.Company’s website quality
    14.The experts’ communication with you
    15.Receiving your complaints
    16.Stand, sample and catalogue services
  2. Which one of the following methods is the most appropriate method for information about new sizes and designs?
  3. Which qualities of other producers are better than ours?
  4. Your offers and recommendations?
  5. Name

  6. Business name

  7. Tel

  8. Email

  9. Province/City